Gender: Male
Race: Cursed
Occupation: Wanderer

Current Status:

Perfectly fine


Looking more like a girl than a guy but he still have his good looks like these. His long red hair and grey lifeless eyes. The clothes he wears are made from pure animal skin and minerals. He holds Scorch's book on the right side of his belt.


He acts like a gentleman but if you get him mad he will completely change from a gentleman into a sour mouth fool.

Abilities and strong pointsEdit

Wielding his Great sword the Yulgir he can use devastating attacks. Using the Cursed powers he has He can transform his body into a creature called a Dundra a nightmare Beast. Inheriting the Holy orb from Scorch he has the power to wield holy magic. Finally using Scorch's book he can find any weakness.


He is deadly afraid of skeletons. His Cursed magic drains his energy making him weak when he transforms back. He is afraid of Scorch because of what he did to Maxon's Family.

Back StoryEdit

Living in a small town he only had one friend his grandfather Scorch. For years Maxon trained under Scorch to make potions and to use the cursed power. One day he found out his grandfathers dark secret he was one of Hillford's most dangerous criminals. Not only he discovered this his village did as well shunning him calling him "A Monstrous being" and saying his family has no honor. So Maxon decided to do one thing end the worst of the worst or find a way to make sure he doesn't return. Who is this you ask well its Judar himself.



"They are dead get over it"

"Well next time don't be stupid"

More to come - Lokrule

Additional Information/Fun factsEdit

Maxon does have a brother named Falk that lives in the Kingdom of Solrule.

Maxon's family has been around since the beginning.

Maxon doesn't really care for anything except his objective.